MANIC is a new horror network that explores the humanity within horror. The dark dread that we all feel when it comes to things that terrify us: whether internal, external, based in reality or based in supernatural. New audiences and filmmakers have been embracing this beautiful genre immensely. So the time was right to launch an innovative horror brand, focusing on telling compelling horror stories across all modern mediums.


We strive to create amazing opportunities for emerging, diverse and established filmmakers alike. Creating and share inventive narratives for a modern audience. We draw our ideals and love in both the existing genres of beloved, horror classics (“The Exorcist”, “The Shining”) as well as crossover audiences of modern horror genre hits (“It Follows,” “The Conjuring”)


We produce, distribute and release short films, series and more web-centric short form stories from the most interesting and innovative minds in horror today. We’re set on reaching audiences across ALL platforms, as the world of modern entertainment evolves.


MANIC Is an online horror media network dedicated to getting talented filmmakers work seen by the masses. The demand for short-form horror is growing! Thus, we’re here to bring amazing work to passionate audiences.

Some Final Details

Submitting to be a part of MANIC gives us permission. If accepted, to publish your film onto our web platforms (Website, YouTube, Facebook, Tik Tok, etc.) We hold the right to share any aspects of your work as promotional material, marketing pieces, or shortened teasers. For both your film and for this emerging hub of films. The agreement is NOT for exclusive rights, or anything of the sort. So you still fully own your work! We’re just trying to build a platform filled with horror we love. And of course, believe others will love too. So if you’re interested in joining the MANIC family, click that button to head over to our submission page!